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Jacksonville Middle School has a school-wide discipline plan in place for all students attending JMS. Students are expected to follow the rules and comply with reasonable requests regardless of whether the request is from a teacher, an assistant, a lunchroom monitor, or a custodian. Discipline is training students to behave in an acceptable manner. Our school rules tell students what is acceptable while they are in our building. The acceptable behaviors are clearly defined, taught, and practiced throughout the school building.

The school-wide discipline plan is referred to as a “step” plan. If a student breaks a Minor offense, then they are placed on the first step in the class in which the offense took place. Children have a separate step sheet for each of their classes. The steps are used for Minor offenses only. Major offenses are referred immediately to the office. The plan is as follows:

1st violation - Verbal warning/Parent contact

2nd violation - Three lunch detentions

3rd violation - Re-Focus time/Counselor

4th violation - Five lunch detentions/Principal

5th violation - ASD (2 Days)  

6th violation - Office referral

**All Tardies Result In A Lunch Detention