Jacksonville Middle School

Mrs. Heather Stewart's 7th Grade Pre AP and Reading Class

BIO:       Welcome!!
I am the 7th grade reading teacher for the Cherokee team.  My family lives here in Jacksonville.  This is my 21st year in teaching.  I began teaching 1st grade at Fred Douglass Elementary.  After that, my husband took a teaching job in Forney, Texas and I taught there for 15 years.  I have enjoyed teaching 1st grade, 5th grade and 7th grade where I taught English, Reading and Science.
My specialization is in reading and it is my favorite by far !!
My husband is a teacher at the high school.
We also have 4 wonderful children:  a 24 year old daughter, a 20 year old daughter, a 16 year old son and a 13 year old son. 
My oldest is married now and I have a grandbaby who is 2.
Mrs. Stewart's Rules and Expectations:
Reading is an essential part of life!!   It includes everything from passing all your classes to reading a medicine bottle. In order for students to learn and grow in their reading, rules MUST to be in place to ensure that all students are successful in the classroom.
** To view these rules and expectations, see the attachment below.
Our "No Excuses University" (NEU)- our class' college is:
The University of Montana
Mrs. Stewart's Colleges
*Associates Degree from Tyler Junior College          *Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies/Education from the University of Texas at Tyler
Absence Policy Information:
  • When is my child counted absent?
  • Is a doctor's note good enough?
  • Can I write a note and send it when my child comes back to school?                                                           
  • All of these questions can be answered in the attachment below.
Read Read Read!!!!!!!!! Here's Why

The Weekly Schedule:
(*Please use the attachment below to view the schedule)
This is just a tentative schedule and subject to change
 I conduct tutorials 1 day a week. 3:45-4:15
Mondays- Open tutorials
 **Mandatory tutorials- These students will have received a letter from me if mandatory tutorials are required.
See sample letter attached.
AR requirements:
Reading fiction and non-fiction books are an important part of good reading skills.  So your student will be asked to test after reading a chapter book by the end of each 3 week period.
(The attachment below will go into further detail about how and why we conduct AR testing)