Jacksonville Middle School

Grading Procedures~Late Work~Corrections

Daily Average: This will count as 50% of your grade and will be based on class work, class participation, and reading expectations.


Test Average: This will count as 50% of your grade on announced tests and quizzes.


Example: Daily- 50, 100, 70, 60, 95, 85, 70


   Tests- 70, 50, 80, 65


                   Daily Average: 76

                   Test Average: 66

                             *add together and divide by 2*

                   Overall Grade Average: 71


This is done by the computer in Skyward. 


Late Work:

          1 Day Late: Maximum grade of 70

          2 Days Late: Maximum grade of 50

          3 Days Late: 0 (No credit allowed)


Corrections: Test or Quiz corrections must be done after school during tutorials. Daily work corrections may be done outside of class but must be returned to me within 2 days after they are returned to the student or the grade will stand as is.