Jacksonville Middle School

Discipline Management Plan

I believe that all students are capable of behaving appropriately in a classroom. I am big on positive reinforcement and I will not tolerate any students interrupting another student’s learning.  In order to create the proper learning environment the following expectations and norms will apply to all of my students.


JMS Classroom Expectations         

Be Prepared (Have all supplies)

  1. Be Prepared
  2. Be Positive (Give it 100%)
  3. Be Productive (Ready to work and focused)
  4. Be Prompt (Be on time)
  5. Be Polite (Be nice and respectful to everyone)

*You must always have a book to read in my class.


In addition, all rules in the Student Code of Conduct will be enforced. The following consequences will be administered for minor violations of the class rules (Level 1 violations). These violations will be accumulated per semester. Any major violations of the Student Code of Conduct will be dealt with directly from the Principal’s Office.


The Step Plan- for all minor violations

          1st violation-Verbal warning/parent contact

          2nd violation- 3 Lunch Detentions

          3rd violation- Re-focusing time/Counselor

          4th violation- 5 Lunch Detentions

          5th violation- 2 Afterschool Detentions

          6th violation- Office referral, officer/parent contact