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My name is Kristen Thibodeaux, and I am an eighth grade English Language Arts and Reading teacher at Jacksonville Middle School. This will be my fourth year as a teacher here at JMS. I am a graduate of Letourneau University. I am very excited to get to know you and to be your teacher this upcoming year.


Our classroom is a proud supporter of Georgia Tech. Go Ramblin 'Reck!


My class schedule is as follows:        


POW WOW Session                                                                            7:35 - 7:50

1st. period   Pre-Ap Reading/Language Arts                                     7:50 - 8:38                        

2nd period   Pre-Ap Reading/Language Arts                                    8:42 - 9:48

3rd period   PLC                                                                                 9:52 - 10:40

4th period   Reading Language Arts                                                 10:44 - 11:54

5th period   Virtual Learning Reading/Language Arts                    11:58 - 1:19

6th period   Pre-Ap Reading/Language Arts                                     1:23 - 2:11  

7th period  Pre-Ap Reading/Language Arts                                      2:15 - 3:03 

8th period   Conference                                                                      3:07 - 3:55



My weekly tutorial day is Mondays from 4:00 - 4:30.  


Welcome to 8th Grade Reading/Language Arts!


I am so glad to have your child in my reading class this year!


This year is all about improving reading skills and learning ways that authors use writing to communicate.  I will be offering tutorials every Monday after school. 


Ways that you can help:


Reading EVERY NIGHT 30 mins or more.


Homework in my class will most likely be reading in their library/AR book for 30 mins and putting to independent practice the skill we learned from our daily mini-lesson


Students are expected to read at least 5 days a week to be successful in my classroom.

Here are my expectations for every student in my 8th grade classes.


Read, READ, READ! **


Work your Plan- This is the plan your child created for this school year to grow and be successful during this new school year.


Be respectful to the teacher and other students.


Work cooperatively daily to ensure that you are growing and completing assignments.




Be prepared

Be polite

Be positive

Be prompt

Be productive