Jacksonville Middle School Choir


Hello, I’m Erin Blankenship and I’m the Jacksonville Middle School Choir Director.  I am a graduate of Mesquite High School, Eastfield Community College (Associates Degree), and Stephen F. Austin State University (Bachelor of Music Degree).  Axe ‘Em Jacks!!  This is my 21st year to teach  all of them in Jacksonville ISD.


I have been married to my husband, Gehrig, for 19 years.  He's the head band director for Rusk ISD.  We have three children:  Matthew (15), Ian (12), and Maddie Grace (8).




Monday, March 30th

Good Monday morning.  Today's activity is for you to record a video (if you have access to a phone) of you singing a childhood song with a member of your family.  If you can, email it to Mrs. B [email protected]
Remember, the choir activities are just for fun.  You aren't being graded on them.  I want to see and hear you.  I miss you.

Friday, March 27

It's Friday - wear your new choir t-shirt.  I'm wearing mine :)
For today's activity, spend some time outside for 15 or more minutes. Take some fun photos.  Email your best photo to Mrs. B, if you can, at [email protected]

Thursday, March 26th

Today's activity is to draw a picture or an image that represents the joy of singing in a choir.  This can include words, images, or both.  If you can, take a picture of it and email it to Mrs. B at [email protected]

Wednesday, March 25th

Make a re-mix of one of your choir songs. Have fun with it!  Turn it into a country song, a rap, dance mix, or anything else fun you want to do with it.  😊Record a video of yourself performing the re-mix. If you are able to, email it to me at [email protected] (leave the p off of my last name)

I miss you!

Hey JMS Choir! I miss you so much! Starting Monday, check back here every weekday for some fun activities to do in case you get bored. You can also email me at [email protected] (leave the p off of the end). You can email me just to say hello or send me a funny choir meme :)

Congratulations to these members of the 2019 All Region Choir!
Soprano 2
Sara McCoy - 11th chair
Itzeel Chaparro - 12th chair
Chloe Maldonado - 18th chair
Tiana Hall - 21st chair
Sidnee Neang - 22nd chair
Bethany Hamilton - 23rd chair
Leilani Jones - 25th chair
Marquicia Robertson - 21st chair
Stevie Wilder - 22nd chair
Jonah McCown - 31st chair
Trey Johnson - 35th chair
Members of the All Region Choir will travel to Carthage High School on Saturday, November 9th to participate in the clinic and perform in the All Region Choir Concert.  Mrs. Blankenship and Mrs. Hammock are so very proud of you!

2018 All Region Choir Members

Congratulations to these students who made the All Region Choir!
Soprano 1
Lizzuly Martinez Orozco - 16th chair
Soprano 2
Mariana Bran - 5th chair
Isabella Jamoco - 14th chair
Daisy Herrera - 20th chair
Laura Simpson - 10th chair
Amyiah Jones - 16th chair
Guadalupe Garcia - 21st chair
Zach Acker-Wooddell - 8th chair
Ryan McCown - 9th chair
Josue Gaytan - 12th chair
Edson Castro - 21st chair

Welcome back to school
Welcome back JMS Choir!  I am excited to see what this year holds for our award winning Choir.  I'm so glad you chose to be part of this family.  I can't wait to get to know all the new faces and catch up with those returning students.  

Solo & Ensemble Results - Congratulations

On Friday, February 2nd, members of the JMS Choir traveled to Whitehouse Junior High to participate in Solo & Ensemble Contest.  Each member attending sang a solo for a judge and was given a rating:  1 - Superior, 2 - Excellent, 3 - Average.  I proud to say that we had 46 students attend and out of those we had 29 students receive a 1 and a medal & 16 receive a 2 and a ribbon.  We also had 9 young ladies sing in an ensemble (small group) and they also received a 1. 
Congratulations JMS Choir!!!